Robert H. Sholly, author of Young Soldiers Amazing Warriors, is available for speaking engagements, book signings and other public appearances.

Throughout his career  Sholly has spoken internationally to audiences ranging from small groups to 1,500 attendees.

Due to the popularity of the book, he has spoken to the following organizations on the Vietnam war and Jungle Leadership: Area Rotary Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, Toastmasters, Libraries, and other organizations. Project Management Institute. US Army deployed tactical units using the book as reference text for leadership courses and Skype remote leadership seminars.

Contact him at 832-506-7980 or to discuss your needs.




Principal, Robert Sholly Named as One of America’s PremierExperts®


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Kenneth Pipes, Lt. Colonel, U.S. Marine Corp (Ret’d.)

I must comment on my Col’s story, his legacy, nay–his legend. For you see, I have known Col. Sholly for longer than many of you are years old–as a young man, he was righteous and honorable–no silver spoon here–hard work, sweat, some tears and a spirit to persevere, to , :”to the bloody end.” All the above and more–was our Col’s stock in trade. You see, we first met as Freshmen at Clovis Union High School–if memory serves me in 1952. It was only in recent years that I learned his true capacity for Leadership–which he and his Soldiers proved over and over again–in and out of combat. He was a track star in High School and a real leader where it counts–fighting on the battlefields of Vietnam–during the critical years–he and his Soldiers defeated the best that the NVA could throw at them–Col. Robert “Fighting Bob’s” Sholly is a real American Hero–someone whom I am proud to say is a life long friend and a Cherished Companion at Arms. I say to Col. Bob and his 11Bravo Trigger pullin Warriors of the First of the Eighth Infantry–All and to their Ladies and Children–Attention on Deck, Hand Salute, Ready Too! And In His Holy Name, Semper Fidelis. Carry On!

TALKS GIVEN BASED ON “Young Soldiers Amazing Warriors”

Remember the Heroes ● 4th Infantry Division Association Convention, Lexington, KY

Telephone Interview ● Houston Chronicle on book and speaking Engagements

Natural Challenges in the Jungle ● Pearland Friends of the Library, Pearland, Library, Pearland, TX

Giants Walk Among Us ● Houston Book Club, Houston TX

Military Movement in Vietnam War ● Brady’s Landing Rotary Club, Houston, TX

Leadership in the Jungle ● Houston Military Affairs Committee, Houston, TX

Natural Challenges in the Jungle ● North Shore Rotary Club, Houston, TX

Leadership in Combat ● Friendswood Friends of the Library, Friendswood, TX

Vietnam War Rediscovered ● Champions Rotary Club, Houston, TX

Leadership Then and Now – Skype Seminar with Officers an NCO’s of an active infantry battalion in the Middle East.

The Challenges of Leadership in Jungle Warfare ● Willowbrook Rotary Club, Houston, TX


Q: – Why did you write the book?

A: – I started writing the book for my men, but in the writing, I realized it was as much for me as for my soldiers. It was a very personal effort and the discussions the book has generated have helped all of us cope better with long-buried emotions.

Q: – Where can I purchase the book?

A: – It is sold through this website as well as Amazon as a print copy or Kindle version. It is also sold in Ebook stores and in select brick and mortar bookstores. If you purchase the book through the website, it will be signed by the author and inscribed however you would like it.

Q: – Are there a lot of gory details in the book?

A: – No. There are some major combat descriptions, but they are addressed in such a way that most of the details are left to the reader’s imagination.

Q: – Is it politically biased?

A: – No. As a matter of fact, several reviewers have commented that it is not politicized at all. It is a first-hand and factual description of what infantrymen in this rifle battalion experienced.

Q: – What should the reader take away from the book?

A: – That our veterans have undergone some very dramatic experiences for our country and the American people should be aware and appreciative of their sacrifices.

Contact Bob at 832-506-7980 or to discuss your needs.
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